We invent, design and build interactive experiences.

Interactive Wall

A massive interactive wall made for exploring historical and contemporary digital records about the Indian Residential School System, elegantly presented on 3 × 100" 4K multitouch screens with maps, timelines, nodes, browsing and 6-channel audio.

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M/O (Media/Object) is an interactive installation combining generative networked audiovisuals with touch and proximity interaction as an immersive sculptural experience. M/O exists as a platform for creating new kinds of artistic content for the sculpture; a platform for artists to create new kinds of works. 

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CityBits is an interactive installation that allows citizens to explore the data of their urban environment while contributing to the overall understanding and dialogue of their city. Our initial version, CityBits: Vancouver, is focused on the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, and explores the goals, aspects, and facts of the initiative that will shape the future of the city. 

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SAP Concept Apps

Since 2012 we have produced numerous interactive concept apps for SAP. Typically, these projects combined highly visual animated interfaces, with clear user experience and information architecture. The subject of almost every project was some kind of data visualization, from F1 data provided by McLaren, to the Women’s Tennis Association. 

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Halo is a large-scale interactive media art installation that creates interactive content through light, colour and animation. Halo is a collaboration with Tangible Interaction, and has been exhibited at the Toronto International Film Festival and Science World in Vancouver.

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