The browse interface was designed with simplicity in mind. It's major goal is to provide a means for users to access any record in the system with a mimimal amount of effort.

Here is an example of opening a record from the browse UI:

Example of Opening a Record from the Browse UI

Information Structure

The browse interface uses a three-tiered structure for breaking down a path to access a record.

Please see Information Structure


The interaface for the browse menu is a simple, animated layout of lists.

Please see Design


Interaction with the browse menu is simple.

  1. Launch the browse interface from a button in the User Menu
  2. Tapping on an entry in the 1st tier opens the 2nd tier
  3. Tapping on an entry in the 2nd tier opens the 3rd tier
  4. Tapping on an entyr in the 3rd tier opens a record.

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