M/O (Media/Object) is an interactive installation combining generative networked audiovisuals with touch and proximity interaction as an immersive sculptural experience. M/O exists as a platform for creating new kinds of artistic content for the sculpture; a platform for artists to create new kinds of works.

The software required to power M/O is on the bleeding-edge of interactive art possibilities, and the engineering execution of turning any amount of iOS devices into a single canvas is unprecedented. In it’s current state, twenty-eight iPads work together, listening and communicating silently with one another. When a touch happens, an object reacts, and the sculpture feeds back. 

We launched M/O 2016 at the Resonate Festival, in Belgrade, and have been steadily developing extensions and add-ons to the platform since then. M/O will be part of digiplayspace 17 at the Toronto International Film Festival.