Processing Data

The goal of this document is to clearly outline how the various parts of a record's data show up in the interface of the DC app. To do so, we will break down the various components of a record into their visual representations in the UI.

We are using the UI for the VHEC version as the basis of this document.


The type of an object doesn't explicitly show up in the UI, however, the processing and final representation is informed by this property.


The most common use of the .type property is to filter a menu. In the images below you'll see 4 different cases of filtered content.

When the main menu is filtered, its excluded elements are omitted from view and the remaining elements animate into new positions.

Main Menu with All Elements

When a sub menu is filtered, its excluded records are still visible – but with a significantly reduced opacity.

Main Menu filtered All, Artefacts, Themes (left to right)


The title appears at the top of a record's text view. It is a larger font and wraps to become multi-line if needed.

The location of the Title


If a subtitle is present, it appears directly underneath the title in a smaller font (though still larger than the bodt content font).

The location of the Subtitle


If present, the primary body content appears below the subtitle.

The location of the content


If present, the location is added as a small line of text between the title and subtitle.

The location of the location


If present, the date is added after the location (separated by a comma).

The location of the date


If present, the credit appears at the bottom of the body content and uses a small font.

The location of the credit


Images will be presented in the left-hand portion of the screen. If there are multiple images, the will be added to a scrollable collection view and a page counter will appear at the bottom of the view.

There should always be at least 1 image – however a placeholder could be used if needed.

An image in the carousel An image in the carousel An image in the carousel An image in the carousel An image in the carousel


Related items are listed in a separate view from the record, accessible via an Explore Further button that appears only if there is at least 1 related item.

Related Items

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