Interactive Elements

Interaction with the DC app is straightforward. Though the aesthetic may change for the IRSHDC version of the DC app, the interactivity will remain relatively consistent.

On the main menu, there are a few options for filtering the visible records. When an option is selected, common elements between the two filtered views will animate into place.

Launching A Record

To launch a record, simply tap on any of the thumbnail previews.

For the current VHEC version, only Artefacts and Themes were available to select from the main menu.

Scrolling Images

Images will appear on the left-hand side of a record. If there are multiple images, the user can swipe or tap the left-right arrows to move between them.

Image Viewer

Tapping on an image will launch a viewer that allows the user to zoom in and move through the image. Tapping a second time will return to the record.

Scrolling Content

The content for a record is read dynmically and populated into a scrollview.

Explore Further

To see related items to the current record, tap the Explore Further button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

If a record has no related items, the button will not appear.

The submenu has a slightly different behaviour than the main menu. When filtering is applied to a submenu, the non-selected elements become inactive and transparent.

Movie Viewer

To view a movie, tap on a thumbnail that has a small play icon in its bottom-left corner.

For the current VHEC version, movies are only shown as related items and launch directly from a submenu – there is no record associated with them.

Open Records / Go Back

Opening a record will trigger a transition animation. When going back to the previous set of related records, there will be an inverse animation.


The home button is persistent throughout the entire application. If the user presses home and the current record is one that is shown on the main menu, there will be an animation.

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