Timeline Interaction

This section illustrates the interactive capabilities of the Timeline.


Interaction with the Timeline is essentially made up of 3 components: scrolling, tapping to open a record and pressing to see a trace of when a school opened and closed.


Pressing the timeline icon in the User Menu will reveal the timeline.

If only one person is using the installation, the timeline will appear across all screens.


Dragging a finger across the screen will scroll the timeline horizontally.

The timeline will scroll across multiple screens.

Year Bar Scrolling

Draging in the year-bar will scroll the timeline faster than dragging on its main view.

Tapping to View A Record

Tapping a flag will reveal a record.

Pressing to View Trail

Pressing and holding for a short period of time on a shcool's flag will cause its trail to be highlighted.


Dragging Up / Down the Screen

Dragging on the background of the timeline will move it vertically along the screen.

Highlight Duration

A trail will stay highlighted for a time and then revert to its original color.

Seeing the End of a Trail

A school's trail will stay visible long enough that a user can scroll to the end to see when the school closed.

Highlighting and Dragging

If a user highlights a school and doesn't remove their finger, they can start scrolling – this might be a rare occurrence, but it would essentially elongate the amount of time a trail is highlighted.

Multiple Flag Highlight

Multiple flags can be pressed at the same time.

Multiple Users

The Timeline can handle multiple users by splitting down in a fashion similar to the Map Explorer.

Splitting for Multiple Users

Like the map explorer, the Timeline will split by screen and by 1/2 screen.

Map + Timeline Split

If the Timeline is split and one user begins working with the Map Explorer, the map underneath the timeline will sync.

Timing Out from a Split

After the timeline has been split, it will rejoin another session if it hasn't been used in some time.

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